I Am Alright With It

So after reading my last post I thought it sounded a little depressing and I didn’t mean to come off that way. I am so thankful for everything that I have in my life here in America and I wouldn’t change any of it for the world. Alright I would maaaaybe be a famous artist for the world, but I am perfectly content with where I am at :)

I know there are tons of people out there who would do anything to be in my shoes and to have the time and be able to practice something they are so passionate about.

postI wouldn’t be able to do any of it without my husband. He has been so supportive of what I love to do and I could not be happier. If I ever really have an urge to get out and do something, I always have my husband and his friends to pester and try to convince them to somehow let me add some artistic detail to their very un-artistic careers :)

This really has been a great outlet for me and even though none of his friends really have gone through with any of my ideas, they still stay supportive and humor my concepts. One of his best friends works as another roofing contractor for http://www.superiorroofingil.com/ and he has been the closest to wanting to actually take some of my advice. A lot of the work he does is just like my husband’s, but they also work with a ton of different window styles and this is where I come in. Different architect styles look much better with different types of windows and he always appreciates a little input from a woman :) They also fix the siding on homes and you better believe I always try and push for the more unique colors that you don’t see on every single other house in the neighborhood.

It’s the little things like this that keep me completely content with my life, even though I no longer pursue art as a career.


Ever Too Late?

A lot of my friends often ask me if I think that it is ever too late to pursue my dreams of having a career based around my art that would allow me to support myself. Well, although I don’t think it is ever too late so to speak, I do think that the longer you wait the much harder time you are going to have of coming through with anything life changing.

This sounds kind of depressing and bleak but I like to consider myself a realist and I don’t want to be totally unrealistic when it comes to my love of poster art. In my case, I never went to school or had any sort of formal art training and everything I have done has been 100% me.

artNow although I take a lot of pride in this and wouldn’t have it any other way, it really doesn’t help out my resume very much and does not make me very marketable to any real company that could use my talents. So besides from the occasional ideas and suggestions for my husband’s work (and occasionally his friends), I really don’t see myself pursing art as any real career in the near future. If I am being totally honest, I really don’t know where to begin. I have a lot of examples of my work and have pieces that are ready to sell, but I am not really sure on how to get my name out there in any really productive way.

But I don’t mean to sound gloomy on this one, I love my life but I am just realistic about where I can really go with my art.

Anything & Everything!

Well in a perfect world, I would decorate my entire house like an enormous piece of my poster art and you better believe there would never be a house that looked the same anywhere else in the world :)

But…… We don’t live in such a perfect world and we are generally stuck with a ton of different cliche designs and looks for our houses that really don’t stand out from each other besides the occasional yellow or some other random bright color that you see every 30 houses or so. Come on, every neighborhood has these houses and you probably already have a couple that stand out in your head.

Now you would probably think I would be all about these kinds of houses, wouldn’t you? Well, it depends. Sometimes I think it is obvious when a homeowner is going out of their way to be different from other houses but with no real intentions or passion behind it. I guess I might be bias in this because our neighbor behind our house has their house painted in this terribly ugly spicy mustard yellow color that is just awful and no sane person would ever think it looks good but who am I to judge?

I guess I am talking more about doing something that shows creativity and that you actually have an imagination, instead of trying to only stick out and cry for attention. I talked a little bit about my husband and his work which is kind of hard to apply my love of arts towards but I try to as much as I can. Since he is in the construction business, he has a lot of friends who do similar work and before I talk about them, no I do not try and convince them that I have brilliant art ideas for their jobs too. I leave that job to their wives :)

One of his good friends owns his own business here at http://www.gutterguardsco.com/ and he is actually way more on board with my thoughts than my husband is. Even though he pretty much only works with guttering and other various home improvement projects, he likes to put his own little spin on things that make him stand out from other gutter companies in the area. He has a ton of different unique styles of gutters and colors that really are like nothing you would ever see on a normal house which I think is great. Now granted, he does it primarily for the quality and the lifespan of the gutters but it is still a form of expression that makes his work different from others.

It is this kind of creativity and uniqueness that I think people from any business should be trying to incorporate.

In A Perfect World…

I hope I didn’t come off too crazy with my last one talking about incorporating my love of art into my roofing husband’s life and his work but I can’t help myself :) I don’t want anyone to think that I am unrealistically pushing my husband and everyone around me to change the way they do things, but I really do think it is important to not try and discourage it as much as humanly possible. My husband probably doesn’t need to be pushing any of my ideas onto his boss or his clients, but at least I can say I try, right?

After writing about what I would like to see in artistic homes and roofs I started to think more about and how people could build off this concept. Now the house that my husband and I live in now is much different than how I lived in Belgium and for the most part, all of the houses in our neighborhood are pretty much the same. If I could have it my way I would love to be able to spot my house out of every other one from miles away but we all know that is not going to happen and I have accepted it :)

My husband has a lot of friends in the construction business that work on other parts of houses and none of them really have any opportunities to make houses stand out from others. Click this link to see what the accepted steps in starting your own construction business. Nothing on creativity and being unique! Am I the only one who would love it if every house looked different from the next??


Encouraging My Husband and Those Like Him

As you can probably tell from my last post and pretty much everything else I have talked about on this whole thing, not a lot of people would look at pretty much every aspect of their lives and somehow incorporate art and creativity into it like I do. This was both a lot easier to do back when I lived in Belgium, and harder to do because there is a lot more to offer here in America. It was easier in the sense that I had a lot easier of a time actually making money doing what I love, but harder because it wasn’t necessarily respected as much as it is here which doesn’t really make a lot of sense does it?

So by now you now a little bit about my background and my home life with my husband, John. Within the next couple of years he will hopefully become the partner of a roofing company in our town here at http://www.dillonsroofing.net/ and you better believe I do everything I can to encourage his artistic side and try and make him a creative, but still professional, roofing contractor. I think he appreciates my input and what I have to say, but sometimes I think I may take my whole love of art a little too far sometimes :)

For the most part, his job just entails him looking over and supervising his employees while they do their work and just making sure that everything is on track and that they meet their deadlines. They primarily work with installing roofs on homes but sometimes work with offices and buildings as well. So how many of you out there reading this would ever think that someone would try and incorporate art into a roofing job?

Well, this is why I love art so much and think it’s so important to pay attention to. Art doesn’t necessarily have to be a picture on a piece of paper. The design incorporated on this roof is a form of art to me. Any sort of creative design or unique touch is something that I consider art and it can be applied to anything!

Now obviously, most people don’t really want some crazy design in their roof and my husband explains this to me all the time which I totally understand. That doesn’t stop me though and I still try and nag him about maybe incorporating different metal roof colors on some projects that you really don’t see very often. Maybe it is just me, but I like to stand out from the norm as much as possible with as many aspects in my life as I can :)

Looking back on it and thinking, I really don’t think he has every really taken any of my advise and probably has never even tried to sell customer on something that I would appreciate and love but maybe that’s why I am the one sitting here and just typing about it :)

Discouraging Creativity

I think a lot of corporate jobs here in America and all around the world really do in a way discourage a lot of what makes someone creative and unique from other people. I think a lot of artists that may never get recognized are often confined to their cubicle or office space and never really get a chance to get out there and create their masterpieces and have a chance to be seen or heard.

I know that a lot of corporate companies try to stress the idea that people have to be creative in the workplace but it always has to do with different ways to make the company better or make more money, and not truly express themselves in healthy and creative ways. It might just be my bias and absolute affection of all forms of art, but I think the corporate world is destroying a lot of what used to make art so admired and sought after.

Most of what I talk about on here is a result of my actual life so I might have a different view than a lot of people, but my husband that I have mentioned a few times shows me a lot of what he has to go through to make his bosses happy. He always tries to tell me different creative ideas that he has for his roofing company and hopefully soon he will be able to incorporate them more when he becomes a partner, but for now even he is limited.

This is a perfect example. Here is a video that he was forced to make which he had no control over. He has always been good with computers and had a hundred creative ideas for the video but they were all shot down by his bosses because they want to keep it more aimed towards that cookie cutter corporate style which just hinders any creativity.

Art can be defined in a million different ways. Take a look here at just one page trying to define it. It is endless.

How Many Van Goghs Have We Missed?

Considering the fact that pretty much everyone has the ability to be an artist in some way shape or form, have you ever stopped and thought about how many talented and creative artists have been overlooked because of the fact that it is so hard to make any kind of real money with art these days? What I mean by that is that without question, there are THOUSANDS of talented artists here in the United States alone whose work is absolutely stunning and breathtaking to the average eye. But how many of those artists are actually able or has the means to get their work out and seen by the general public?

Let’s face it, it isn’t easy to make ends meet here in America and it is even harder to do so by the means of art. Back when I lived in Belgium, this idea wasn’t as foreign to people as it is here and it is an absolute shame.

But who can blame all of these incredibly talented artists who have no real means of making money? Creating my poster art is not an easy task and one piece could easily take weeks to complete. And these weeks consist of HOURS a day. If you don’t have yourself established somehow as an artist, how can you make money while creating these amazing pieces of art?

The majority of artists have no ways of making money because so much time is taken up by their art and they are slowly forced to give up their craft, without ever really being discovered and it is absolutely heart breaking.

Anyone Can Do It!

Unfortunately I don’t think the level of passion and love I have I have for poster, and all other forms, art is as common as I would like to think it is and I think it all comes down to what I have talked about a couple of times on here already. I simply think that the fact that there is really not much money to be made in the fine arts department is to blame for the steady decline of artists around this country. The term “starving artist” has never been so true and the idea of making a decent and comfortable living creating pieces of art is slowly fading away more and more every day.

What I find so sad about this fact is that absolutely anyone and everyone can express themselves artistically in some way shape or form. I have talked about my husband, John who works for a roofing company, a couple of times on here and even his job requires some form of artistic work. Well I would like to believe it does anyway :)

I guess I don’t really know exactly enough about his work to say this that confidently but I know that he is in charge of every project that they take on and at the end of the day has the last word on whatever they are going to be doing. So in this sense I know that he has to express himself in some sort of creative way that he thinks would be best for any project. I guess it doesn’t have to deal with art directly but the way I look at it, any form of expression and creativity is a sense of artistic ability in my book.

When Was the Last?

So going off a little bit of what I talked about before about art college degrees becoming less and less valuable here in America, I was really starting to think about when the last very famous artist came around and I honestly could not think of one.

I kind of feel like the days of actual artists who create masterpieces and people come from all around the world to see it is over. I really don’t know why that is and I think that there are generally more artists around today than their ever has been, but the chances of them being noticed and admired from other parts of the world is absolutely slim to none.

What I mean is that there are pieces across the globe like the Mona Lisa and things like that are from famous artists that everyone has at least heard of. I cannot even think of the latest artists who have created pieces that are comparable to the most famous pieces in the world and they will never get the recognition that the most famous artists have gotten.

I wonder if this has to do with the fact that most famous artists are long gone but this would be hard for me to say whether or not this is the main reason for their fame because I was obviously not around when they were alive. Maybe once these incredible talented artists are dead and gone they will get the recognition they deserve.

That was kind of a morbid and depressing through to end on now wasn’t it?

Not Easy

Since I moved here from my home country many years ago, I think I have seen art slowly coming back as time goes by. What I mean by that is that for whatever reason, I kind of feel like people are starting to have more of an appreciation for it when they see it throughout their day. However, I don’t think there is much more money to be made in it and in that sense I think it is getting even worse.

As far as kids going to school and college to pursue any kind of career in arts is next to impossible these days. I really can’t think of any college degree that could make a consistent amount of graduates any decent money when compared to other more popular degrees like business or finance. I know first hand how hard it is to try and make any money with my poster art and there is no way I could ever afford to take care of myself and live any sort of comfortable life just by making my prints.

What I think is so sad about this is that being so passionate about art is all about expressing creativity and your individuality and it is not being rewarded. Everyone who get their business degree is getting something just like the next person and I like when people are allowed to differentiate themselves from others.