Anything & Everything!

Well in a perfect world, I would decorate my entire house like an enormous piece of my poster art and you better believe there would never be a house that looked the same anywhere else in the world :)

But…… We don’t live in such a perfect world and we are generally stuck with a ton of different cliche designs and looks for our houses that really don’t stand out from each other besides the occasional yellow or some other random bright color that you see every 30 houses or so. Come on, every neighborhood has these houses and you probably already have a couple that stand out in your head.

Now you would probably think I would be all about these kinds of houses, wouldn’t you? Well, it depends. Sometimes I think it is obvious when a homeowner is going out of their way to be different from other houses but with no real intentions or passion behind it. I guess I might be bias in this because our neighbor behind our house has their house painted in this terribly ugly spicy mustard yellow color that is just awful and no sane person would ever think it looks good but who am I to judge?

I guess I am talking more about doing something that shows creativity and that you actually have an imagination, instead of trying to only stick out and cry for attention. I talked a little bit about my husband and his work which is kind of hard to apply my love of arts towards but I try to as much as I can. Since he is in the construction business, he has a lot of friends who do similar work and before I talk about them, no I do not try and convince them that I have brilliant art ideas for their jobs too. I leave that job to their wives :)

One of his good friends owns his own business here at and he is actually way more on board with my thoughts than my husband is. Even though he pretty much only works with guttering and other various home improvement projects, he likes to put his own little spin on things that make him stand out from other gutter companies in the area. He has a ton of different unique styles of gutters and colors that really are like nothing you would ever see on a normal house which I think is great. Now granted, he does it primarily for the quality and the lifespan of the gutters but it is still a form of expression that makes his work different from others.

It is this kind of creativity and uniqueness that I think people from any business should be trying to incorporate.

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