Encouraging My Husband and Those Like Him

As you can probably tell from my last post and pretty much everything else I have talked about on this whole thing, not a lot of people would look at pretty much every aspect of their lives and somehow incorporate art and creativity into it like I do. This was both a lot easier to do back when I lived in Belgium, and harder to do because there is a lot more to offer here in America. It was easier in the sense that I had a lot easier of a time actually making money doing what I love, but harder because it wasn’t necessarily respected as much as it is here which doesn’t really make a lot of sense does it?

So by now you now a little bit about my background and my home life with my husband, John. Within the next couple of years he will hopefully become the partner of a roofing company in our town here at http://www.dillonsroofing.net/ and you better believe I do everything I can to encourage his artistic side and try and make him a creative, but still professional, roofing contractor. I think he appreciates my input and what I have to say, but sometimes I think I may take my whole love of art a little too far sometimes :)

For the most part, his job just entails him looking over and supervising his employees while they do their work and just making sure that everything is on track and that they meet their deadlines. They primarily work with installing roofs on homes but sometimes work with offices and buildings as well. So how many of you out there reading this would ever think that someone would try and incorporate art into a roofing job?

Well, this is why I love art so much and think it’s so important to pay attention to. Art doesn’t necessarily have to be a picture on a piece of paper. The design incorporated on this roof is a form of art to me. Any sort of creative design or unique touch is something that I consider art and it can be applied to anything!

Now obviously, most people don’t really want some crazy design in their roof and my husband explains this to me all the time which I totally understand. That doesn’t stop me though and I still try and nag him about maybe incorporating different metal roof colors on some projects that you really don’t see very often. Maybe it is just me, but I like to stand out from the norm as much as possible with as many aspects in my life as I can :)

Looking back on it and thinking, I really don’t think he has every really taken any of my advise and probably has never even tried to sell customer on something that I would appreciate and love but maybe that’s why I am the one sitting here and just typing about it :)

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