Discouraging Creativity

I think a lot of corporate jobs here in America and all around the world really do in a way discourage a lot of what makes someone creative and unique from other people. I think a lot of artists that may never get recognized are often confined to their cubicle or office space and never really get a chance to get out there and create their masterpieces and have a chance to be seen or heard.

I know that a lot of corporate companies try to stress the idea that people have to be creative in the workplace but it always has to do with different ways to make the company better or make more money, and not truly express themselves in healthy and creative ways. It might just be my bias and absolute affection of all forms of art, but I think the corporate world is destroying a lot of what used to make art so admired and sought after.

Most of what I talk about on here is a result of my actual life so I might have a different view than a lot of people, but my husband that I have mentioned a few times shows me a lot of what he has to go through to make his bosses happy. He always tries to tell me different creative ideas that he has for his roofing company and hopefully soon he will be able to incorporate them more when he becomes a partner, but for now even he is limited.

This is a perfect example. Here is a video that he was forced to make which he had no control over. He has always been good with computers and had a hundred creative ideas for the video but they were all shot down by his bosses because they want to keep it more aimed towards that cookie cutter corporate style which just hinders any creativity.

Art can be defined in a million different ways. Take a look here at just one page trying to define it. It is endless.

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