How Many Van Goghs Have We Missed?

Considering the fact that pretty much everyone has the ability to be an artist in some way shape or form, have you ever stopped and thought about how many talented and creative artists have been overlooked because of the fact that it is so hard to make any kind of real money with art these days? What I mean by that is that without question, there are THOUSANDS of talented artists here in the United States alone whose work is absolutely stunning and breathtaking to the average eye. But how many of those artists are actually able or has the means to get their work out and seen by the general public?

Let’s face it, it isn’t easy to make ends meet here in America and it is even harder to do so by the means of art. Back when I lived in Belgium, this idea wasn’t as foreign to people as it is here and it is an absolute shame.

But who can blame all of these incredibly talented artists who have no real means of making money? Creating my poster art is not an easy task and one piece could easily take weeks to complete. And these weeks consist of HOURS a day. If you don’t have yourself established somehow as an artist, how can you make money while creating these amazing pieces of art?

The majority of artists have no ways of making money because so much time is taken up by their art and they are slowly forced to give up their craft, without ever really being discovered and it is absolutely heart breaking.

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