Anyone Can Do It!

Unfortunately I don’t think┬áthe level of passion and love I have I have for poster, and all other forms, art is as common as I would like to think it is and I think it all comes down to what I have talked about a couple of times on here already. I simply think that the fact that there is really not much money to be made in the fine arts department is to blame for the steady decline of artists around this country. The term “starving artist” has never been so true and the idea of making a decent and comfortable living creating pieces of art is slowly fading away more and more every day.

What I find so sad about this fact is that absolutely anyone and everyone can express themselves artistically in some way shape or form. I have talked about my husband, John who works for a roofing company, a couple of times on here and even his job requires some form of artistic work. Well I would like to believe it does anyway :)

I guess I don’t really know exactly enough about his work to say this that confidently but I know that he is in charge of every project that they take on and at the end of the day has the last word on whatever they are going to be doing. So in this sense I know that he has to express himself in some sort of creative way that he thinks would be best for any project. I guess it doesn’t have to deal with art directly but the way I look at it, any form of expression and creativity is a sense of artistic ability in my book.

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